Welcome to the Edgetech EdgeTracker
EdgeTracker is a web based help desk system that organizes and keeps track of all problematic issues that may arise within your organizations I.T. environement including network, email, hardware, software, mobile devices and website.

Who are the users?
Simply put, the system is powered by you the user and your I.T. service technicians, that's us!

What does it do?
As a user you are given rights to sign in and easily report an issue. The issues you report are then added to the tracking system database and email alerts are immediately sent to your I.T. service technicians. Once a service technician sees the email alert they too can sign in and provide the necessary responses for the issue(s) including how and when it will be resolved.

How do I get started?
Once we have configured your profile in the system you simply use the Sign In panel to the right. Signing in for the first time? It is important to click the First Time Signing In? link situated in the Sign In panel and follow the instructions provided to complete the configuration of your profile.
Lastest Upgrades

November 2013

Enhanced Reporting: Click on the Static Reports page for several enhanced reporting options. Gathering Helpdesk statistics is now easier than ever!

December 2010

Auto-Refresh Setting: Now you can set your Edegtracker screen to automatically refresh every 1, 5 or 15 mins. This way you can stay focused on other work and NOT have to manually hit your refresh button to check if any new tickets have come in.

Search Panel: Your search settings are now stored in memory. Feel free to navigate around the site to check on other things. When you come back to the ticket list you will be right where you left off.

Set Reminders: If you are an individual that manages support tickets you can set it up so Edgetracker will send you quick little email using your reminder settings.

All On One Screen: The features of Updating, Responding, Emailing and setting Reminders for a ticket are now all together on one screen. NO MORE actions column with different buttons for each task.

Ticket Assignment: If you have too many tickets and need a way to organize and spread the support around you can assign tickets to other support staff. Support staff can also use the search panel to filter the list of issues that are only assigned to them.

Ticket Identity: Client Acronym now placed in front of ticket number. This new ticket number is also the button you click to view and manage the details of the issue.

Emailing Ticket: Emailed issues that include the full ticket number in square brackets can now be received and attach itself to the existing ticket.

Aging Unresolved Tickets: See how many unresolved issues you have that are 5, 15 and 30+ days old.

Thu, Mar 21, 2019
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